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Gokart for Lamborghini Hoverboard - Hit The Go kart Race

March 30, 2021 2 min read

Want to upgrade your Lamborghini hoverboard to a full-functional gokart? Wow,  The Two Dots Go kart kit can help you achieve the go karting fun. It is time to enjoy family go karts racing now!

Go kart kit is the perfect & coolest accessory to your Lamborghini hoverboard, through our clever linking system you can attach any hoverboard straight onto the kart and be ready to go within a few minutes.

Two Dots go kart kit is a safe option & designed for both kids & adult. It provides great controls, braking, accelerate and turning. 

One of the most interesting features is Fully Compatible, Works with any current hoverboard on the market. Go Kartcomes almost fully assembled which means it is ready to go pretty much right away. You just have to attach the Hoverboard, Seat & Steering wheel.

More About TwoDots Go kart kit:

 Quality - The built quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to hoverboard go karts, TwoDots gokart kit has good quality, metal body keeps the kart durable and sturdy.

Installation & Control - Get going within minutes, with super easy installation process. Gokart have accelerate and reverse with our hand-lever, and brake with our industry standard disc brakes built-in.

Size & Length - This go kart compatible most  hoverboards, also can extend the length of gokart as per the user requirement and adjust steering wheel.

Comfort -TwoDots go kart kit seat built in shock absorbers give you a smooth ride on any surface, while keeping you safe from any injuries.

 More About Hoverboards:

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